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Using a Removal Company to Move a Home Office to a New Office


When you move your home office out into the real world of an office in a building it is a big step up in the world. When you do this you will need a removal company who will take everything from your home office then set it up in your new office.

For some people this may be a traumatic experience because you are leaving the security of your own home and entering the real world of high rise office buildings or multiple office buildings. So you will need a removal company who will take very good care of your personal things. For some reason when you have a home office it seems that you consider the things in it as very personal whereas in an office building things take on a less personal aspect. But even though it is your home office the items being moved are still office furniture and equipment.

If you have a rather small budget you may consider hiring a man with van to move you versus a huge moving van. A man with van, especially a smaller van, would cost less than a full scale truck. A removal company may have several different options available to make a smaller move such as this one. Get several estimates as the price for a small move may vary greatly. Some companies may have a minimum rate that applies or fixed rate that covers so many hours of moving time.

You need a company that is service oriented. A good service oriented company goes a long way to helping make the move an efficient one. Also remember, most offices require that they be moved on weekends so your move from the hoe office to an office building may have to take place over the weekend so you don’t disrupt the working office and the personnel.

The same rules apply to this type of move as would apply to a home removal except there are fewer items and perhaps the new office has an elevator or stairs which the movers have to take into consideration.

You should have an office plan layout to tell the movers where everything goes. This decreases the time it takes to move and the movers can simply set everything in place and leave. It also helps if someone is at the office when they get there it makes it easier too.

It helps to label the boxes so they don’t get misplaced especially if you have any valuable paperwork that cannot easily be replaced if lost. Make sure you have an easy access from the front or back door of the home to the office. Your movers will appreciate it if they have access for their dollies or other moving equipment. Be prepared also for a mover to dismantle a desk or bookcase so that it fits better in the moving vehicle. This certainly can happen.

Moving any office can be stressful. If you plan it correctly it will make the move that much easier.


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