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French Door Window Treatments – Getting the Best Curtains For Your French Doors


There are many French door window treatments available today and this is why it’s not an easy task going out there and buying the best for your French doors. There are also many considerations that you need to take note off before spending your hard earned money on a new set of window treatments that might or might not suits your own French doors very well.

For example you might want to check how much light you want the curtains to let in the house. Also what type of room decor you have, will the style you buy fit in nicely with the rest of the furniture? And let’s not forget about the fact that you need to spend money on it. How much money are you willing to spend on your new drapes? All these should not be overlooked when buying your new window treatments for home.

One of the best types I can personally recommend are the Honeycomb ones. They are very common and popular among many homeowners. The fact that they are available in many styles is a big plus. Very durable in quality, they have also a softness to them that people love. The reason for their interesting name is the fact that they have layers of air pockets made in the form of a honeycomb. This allows the temperature to be regulated at all times, enhancing the room insulation. Of course the more honeycombs you have on your drapes, the better the insulation.

You can find the Honeycomb drapes in either single, double or triple style. The single one doesn’t provide as much insulation as the double, which provides less than the triple. Also if you get curtains with larger pleats you are better off than going for smaller ones. A popular version seems to be the one with 3/8 inches double cell shades that have a really reasonable price tag attached to them. So as you can see, proper insulation is a major consideration when buying your new French or patio door window treatments, such as the patio door curtains.

You can easily find drapes with strong light filtering if you have rooms in the house such as a media room or others that need to be dark for longer periods of time. Also some added features of these curtains are them being motorized and the availability of the top-down versions, as opposed to bottom-up, which are the most common ones on the market today.

Finally let’s not forget about Roman blinds, which are very popular as well for French doors. These are a very powerful alternative if room decor is a strong point in getting French door window treatments. They are available at a really good price nowadays.


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