5 Smart Moves to Make Before Moving for Work

The 5 best moves to make before moving for work. Have you ever wondered why some people really make it getting those wow jobs and you are stuck with the bad deals? Follow these tips.

Tip 1

If your company is moving you, or a new company wants you pretty bad, read the fine print.

Just like any deal on this planet, reading the fine print in your contract and employment terms is a real life-saver. While we see many pleasing terms in the large bold typed contracts, we often oversee the very fine print that can be totally neutral, such as an explanatory clause, or very revealing of how much you are really going to have to put down for that fine job. I suggest, from all my experience in relocation and work choices, to start reading your work contract in a totally different way. Try to select those little clauses in fine print and paste them in a separate document. Then enlarge the font and stare, stare, stare at those little clauses, which are now big and in proportion to other terms. After all, they are binding terms. Begin from there and you will quickly see the truly hidden lines, messages and expectations. Do these terms completely override the spirit or may even sound contradictory to the entire contract? If so, this can and probably should start ringing some bells. An example of how the hidden messages of contract fine print can be manifest is seen in many great employment contracts. It usually begins with some vague notions about travel with a minimum and no maximum amount specified. It goes on with so-called occasional weekends at work, with no minimum or maximum fixed in writing. It proceeds with huge mathematical equations about what is the employer paying for during travel or special missions and what not. This can also include strange terms about using your car to get to conferences and the company only willing to reimburse limited mileage. There is no specification in the contract about your weekly working hours nor the extra hours you are asked to put in, and usually no mention about the rate per hour for putting in weekends and or holidays. Check it out and read the fine print as large print first. You won’t regret it!

Tip 2

Gather your best contacts and your strongest network and prepare a good-bye party which will become your major networking opportunity.

Even if you are moving and getting into a totally different field, or you are just getting a promotion and relocating with the same company, it is a must to keep bridges and find ways to connect with your existing network. It is a capital you have built during your years there and never underestimate your impact at both work and human relations. The best way to have a nice and beneficial closure is to throw a specific party for your co-workers, managers, staff at a place you really like and be a bit generous, buy some really nice appetizers, light drinks, you can also host this at home and have a catering service take care of that. It is a great investment and some great cards and small gifts related to some common memories with others will really take you a long way. It’s also the time to share more details about your upcoming progress. Invest in people and the better you get at it, the more you will flourish in many aspects of your life, career being a guarantee.

Tip 3

Stack those extra references, recommendations and follow-ups which can add value to your future job.

Again, even if you are in a new work adventure, your past skills are very important, as well as the people you shared them with and went creative together. Pick only the best and most accomplished with a good moral backbone and ask for some references, recommendations and the permission to contact them in the future for updated references. You will be surprised at how willing people are to go that extra mile if you ask for it. Especially if you invite them to your good-bye party, this will be a memorable event and they will keep referring to your value as a person and a good host. Try it!

Tip 4

Line-up all of the necessary paperwork

This is a part I can’t stand about changes and especially work changes. All that painful paperwork that seems it takes forever to gather, sort, classify and then redistribute. While it is unpleasant, it is a milestone which really determines your future success and how quickly you can settle at a new job and working environment. Always nurture your relationships in both jobs with the human resources personnel, they tend to go unnoticed, yet they are extremely resourceful and very eager to go that extra mile to thank you for those chocolates they got in the middle of a hectic day at work. Bribery? Maybe, my parents always call that good manners and good public relations.

Tip 5

Create a system, before leaving, where you can be updating all your network of your whereabouts, career milestones, promotions and joint venture proposals.

Email is great and I can tell you I keep deleting so many messages per day, I get overwhelmed and tired of just reading. Get into something more interactive and playful to stay in touch with people. I really like Google+ and Pinterest because it’s a relaxed way to share stuff you like with people, even exchange some short messages about what is going on today, what’s up and what’s for tomorrow. Whichever social network you pick, get people on it a few days before you’re leaving and bond around something fun, preferable outside work. Keep the bonds alive and your network will continue to grow.

Using a Removal Company to Move a Home Office to a New Office

When you move your home office out into the real world of an office in a building it is a big step up in the world. When you do this you will need a removal company who will take everything from your home office then set it up in your new office.

For some people this may be a traumatic experience because you are leaving the security of your own home and entering the real world of high rise office buildings or multiple office buildings. So you will need a removal company who will take very good care of your personal things. For some reason when you have a home office it seems that you consider the things in it as very personal whereas in an office building things take on a less personal aspect. But even though it is your home office the items being moved are still office furniture and equipment.

If you have a rather small budget you may consider hiring a man with van to move you versus a huge moving van. A man with van, especially a smaller van, would cost less than a full scale truck. A removal company may have several different options available to make a smaller move such as this one. Get several estimates as the price for a small move may vary greatly. Some companies may have a minimum rate that applies or fixed rate that covers so many hours of moving time.

You need a company that is service oriented. A good service oriented company goes a long way to helping make the move an efficient one. Also remember, most offices require that they be moved on weekends so your move from the hoe office to an office building may have to take place over the weekend so you don’t disrupt the working office and the personnel.

The same rules apply to this type of move as would apply to a home removal except there are fewer items and perhaps the new office has an elevator or stairs which the movers have to take into consideration.

You should have an office plan layout to tell the movers where everything goes. This decreases the time it takes to move and the movers can simply set everything in place and leave. It also helps if someone is at the office when they get there it makes it easier too.

It helps to label the boxes so they don’t get misplaced especially if you have any valuable paperwork that cannot easily be replaced if lost. Make sure you have an easy access from the front or back door of the home to the office. Your movers will appreciate it if they have access for their dollies or other moving equipment. Be prepared also for a mover to dismantle a desk or bookcase so that it fits better in the moving vehicle. This certainly can happen.

Moving any office can be stressful. If you plan it correctly it will make the move that much easier.

Things to Remember When You Move Your Home

With so much to organise when moving your home, there is more to do than just pack boxes. There are other important aspects that need to be covered, but these can simply be forgotten along the way. If forgotten, they can land you in hot water so it’s worth taking a look at the checklist below to ensure you have all bases covered and that your move runs as smoothly as possible:

Contact your Council Tax office
It is vitally important to remember when moving home to contact your Council Tax office to tell them about your change of circumstance and to let them know what date you will be moving out of your existing property and when you will move into your new one. You need to do this to ensure that you are correctly billed for your Council Tax.

Redirecting your post
Don’t forget to redirect your post to your new address. The last thing you need is to miss payments on those all-important credit card bills and to be hit with charges. The Royal Mail now provides a redirection service, however, there is a charge. Simply fill out the form that can be found on their website and your post will be delivered to your new home.

Telling your utility providers about your move
You will need to give your utility providers (gas, electricity and water) at least 48 hours notice prior to moving. Make sure to give the people who are moving into your old property the details of utility providers you were using, and on the day that you move you will need to read the meters in both properties to ensure that the correct bills are issued.

Updating your driving licence and vehicle registration documentation
It is vital that you inform the DVLA immediately off any changes to your name, address or both. You will also need to notify the DVLA if the name or address shown on your vehicle documentation is incorrect. If you fail to notify the DVLA of these changes you can be fined as much as £1,000.

Changing home Insurance
One thing that many people forget when moving home is to contact their contents insurance company to notify them that they have moved to a new property. When your contents insurance was calculated, the quote that you received was based on the property you were living in at the time. It is vitally important to tell the insurance company in order for your home insurance to be relevant to your new property.

Moving Your Home Office

Moving your house office can be quite the obstacle for those moving into their new home. There are so many points to think about it’s regularly hard to keep it straight. Well, when it comes to moving in Arizona we all know our stuff so allow us to shed a little light on the evil business of relocating a home office.

Shipping changes could be one of the first things considered when moving a home office. If you get regular inventory you’ve got to consider what to do with those cargos. A sensible choice would be to just take in a little bigger cargo to compensate for the time you’ll need to spend adjusting to the new office. Afterwards you can change the shipping address and stop cargos for a little while. Depending on the companies you’re working with an address change can be a bit of a mess. Some Arizona corporations are rather more reliable than others and having lots of stock on hand can frequently mean the difference between putting you business on hold for a week or a month.

It’s virtually impossible to expect to resume working in a move. You will very likely need to put a hold on anything business related while you reposition your home office. Regard it as a holiday of a kind. Dependent on the character of your work you may be in a position to work right up to the last few weeks before a move, but it isn’t sick advised. Especially if you’re moving from a small town like Bisbee to a bustling town like Tucson, or vise versa, where the culture shock can not only affect your business but your private life too. Its better to stop work all together and inform all contacts of your move well in advance. This way your contacts are not jostled by a sudden change, the sensation of urgency is reduced and the transition will be smoother. You should additionally be certain to change the return address on anything that you mail off in the week before your move to ensure it goes to your new address.

When packing away your office you must look at it very like packing away your place. Those things you use the least should be the 1st things to get packed. Records and files should be packed away well before you reach the point at which your office must be shut down. Just like with moving to a new house you should always get as much accomplished in advance as possible. By packing your office away a little at a time you find you have a lot less to fret about when that crazy dash starts during the week of your move. These are just a few tips ensure your move in Arizona is smooth sailing.

Ben is a manager for a oasis moving with hubs all over the US. He is presently managing the Arizona movers [http://oasismovingarizona.com] so if you’re in need of some help moving in Arizona then you should take a look at his site for a free estimate.

Five Reasons to Hire a Contractor: The Best Moves for Home Improvement

For certain flourishes around the house, it makes sense to try it oneself before calling in the professionals. After all, anyone can change a light, figure out how to put up a little bit of shelving, or even switch out a lock on the front door for a new one, depending on the kind of tools that are present. But the trouble comes when there are other improvements to be made instead, the kind that require a bit of a steady hand that won’t cause long-term damage that some homeowners end up inflicting upon their living space on accident. And while it’s a good idea to try certain home improvements on one’s own, hiring a contractor is often a better solution for others. Here are five reasons to go with a pro.

#1 – Less stress if something goes wrong. Sure, it’s definitely an uncomfortable situation to be dealing with the possibility that something could happen that’s not meant to be while a professional is working on home repairs, but it’s a lot more stressful (and dangerous) when it happens if a loved one was in charge of the mistake. Don’t put spouses or significant others in the situation where they can be culpable for the mistake; go with a contractor instead.

#2 – A more efficient experience. Someone who is seasoned in the art of replacing windows and handling other changes for electricity and plumbing-related concerns is going to be able to accomplish work quicker, meaning less time learning as things progress. And that’s far better than dealing with someone who can’t keep that sort of pace.

#3 – The ability to communicate what needs to be done–and then see it done. For those who have tried to take on the process of making repairs around the house only to find out that it’s a completely different sort of experience than what was expected, the chance to tell someone clearly what is desired and then to see it happen is definitely a relief. Choosing a contractor for home repairs means being able to do that, rather than be surprised along the way when things aren’t working out properly.

#4 – It will end up costing less. If something goes wrong during any kind of home improvement procedure, then the person who screwed up has to pay to get it fixed, and then pay for a professional to help out. And that’s just not going to be cost-effective for those on a tight budget. Spend the money only once–to hire someone who can get the job done properly.

#5 – It will be done when it needs to be done. One of the worst things that happens when people try to take on projects that are overly ambitious is that things end up taking far too long. And if it’s something that’s more straightforward, it’s not as important. But if it is something that is related to the seasons and the weather and a change is rapidly approaching, it can mean a less pleasant experience once the mercury drops. With a professional contractor, home repair projects will get done when they need to.